Glassblowing Workshop, Laboratory Glass & Gifts

The workshop produces laboratory glass equipment of the highest quality for research, teaching, analysis, pharmaceuticals production, and more.

Components, normal/conical joint, glass tubes, glass rods, beakers, flasks and taps are of borosilicate glass that is specially adapted to glass laboratory products.

Production of simple test-tubes and standard products to complicated and advanced glass apparatus specially adapted to each customer's personal requirements, laboratory or instruments.

Cold processing of glass

Cold processing of glass, such as cutting with a diamond saw, making holes with a diamond drill, as well as flat and round grinding.

Gift articles are handmade and unique

Knowledges apple with figures, "wedding rings", logotype and book(for example) inside. Carafes, wine glasses, shot glasses, oil lamps, and other items. Production can also be adapted to the customer's own design, concept and requirements.

Fast delivery times are possible. 


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